City continues support of Geelong’s iconic Pako Festa

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Council has voted in favour of a three-year sponsorship agreement with Diversitat, to support the delivery of the Pako Festa from 2020 to 2022.

The new agreement means council will continue its proud 18-year support of the iconic event. While the City has traditionally supported the festival through Geelong Major Events (GME) funding, this new agreement will involve a $100,000 a year contribution from the Community Events Fund.

This year, the event received $72,116 from GME and an additional one-off grant of $10,000 as a result of a council notice of motion, totalling $82,116.


The City will continue providing in-kind support to the event, including free use of the Geelong West Town Hall.

Pako Festa is a free multicultural festival that started in 1983 and runs along a one kilometre stretch of Pakington Street in Geelong West. It has been organised and managed exclusively by Diversitat, a local non-profit incorporated association, for almost 20 years.

Diversitat estimates that the single day event attracts 120,000 people, including 35 multicultural groups and 30 community groups. The festival is an opportunity for local and regional cultural groups to promote cultural diversity.

In continuing to provide funding to Diversitat, council is demonstrating a commitment to support one of Geelong’s most significant cultural community events.

Council agreed to the $100,000 funding amount, supporting an amendment moved by Councillor Kylie Grzybek.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

It’s wonderful to see council re-committing to funding the Pako Festa through Diversitat, as the event is a true celebration of cultural diversity in our community. The City of Greater Geelong has been very supportive of the festival throughout its history, including when its faced some significant challenges.

Greater Geelong is home to people from more than 50 different cultural backgrounds. This festival is a great chance to learn more about their cultures and celebrate our differences.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek - Chair, Multicultural Action Plan Advisory Committee

As Chair of the Multicultural Action Plan Advisory Committee, I’m pleased council has agreed to allocate Pako Festa $100,000 a year over three years, as the event is a fabulous showcase and celebration of our cultural diversity. This iconic festival also brings in a $5.5 million economic impact to Greater Geelong.

Council has a strategic objective to put the community first and we are putting our funding where the community will benefit the most, by encouraging participation and increasing understanding of the multicultural community’s contributions made to the region.

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