Fireworks to light up waterfront

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The community has a prime opportunity to celebrate the festive season at Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree, with a four-minute firework display to be held on the Waterfront next month.

The City had organised fireworks for the official launch of the centrepiece Christmas tree on Friday 8 November.

However, the event’s range of entertainment had to be cancelled earlier that day for safety reasons, due to high winds and constant rain.

The fireworks will now be used on Saturday 14 December, from 9.15pm.

The firework display will follow Barwon Health Foundation’s Gala Parade twilight event, which is being held in Eastern Park.

It will be a great opportunity for repeat visitors to the Waterfront to experience the tree, following the introduction of a new tree lighting show on Saturday 7 December.

Visitors are also encouraged to view the Christmas Projections on City Hall, which are showing nightly from 9pm until midnight.

Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher

This fireworks display will give us all a chance to celebrate our fabulous floating Christmas tree, going some way to making up for the disappointment we all felt when the initial launch had to be cancelled. With many people already in the city for Gala Night, we’d love to see a big crowd at Steampacket Quay to watch the sky light up with colour above the tree. It should cap off a memorable evening for our community.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 26 November 2019