Dealing with Infectious Diseases

Dealing with infectious diseases Document no: r 80 &168 2 (c)
Approval date: Feb 2018
Approved by: Family Services Manager
Review date:   Feb 2019
Responsible Officer: Early Childhood Coordinator Version no:   01
Authorising Officer: Family Services Manager

1. Purpose

The City of Greater Geelong Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services have appropriate policies in place to guide all educators and staff in promoting the health and safety of children and to take reasonable care to minimise the risk associated with the spread of infectious diseases.

2. Scope

All services:

The City of Greater Geelong ECEC services are committed to practices that support the reduction of the spread of infectious diseases.  Where a case of an infectious disease presents, the educators and staff will act sensitively when dealing with the affected child and family. Management will ensure that all staff and families are informed about the occurrence of an infectious disease in the service, in order to reduce the spread of the infectious disease.


3. References

  • Education and Care National Regulations 2011
  • Amendments 2017
  • Education and Care National Law Act 2010
  • Amendments 2017
  • Education and Care National Quality Standard

4. ECEC Policy

In all services, Management will:

  • Keep immunisation records for each child enrolled in the service and ensure this is documented on the enrolment form. School Holiday Program (SHP) exempt.
  • Ensure any non-immunised children have the medical exemption documentation signed and a copy accompanies the enrolment form (please note: there is at present a grace period for vulnerable and refugee children that may apply to some children) SHP exempt.
  • Infectious disease  periods of exclusion will be available as reference for families, staff and educators 
  • Ensure all staff are aware of and follow infection control procedures to protect all children and educators from cross infection.
  • Ensure effective hygiene practices are in place to help control the spread of disease
  • Exclude children as per the recommendations in Staying Healthy in Childcare
  • Communicate to all families who utilise the service of an incidence of an infectious disease and provide information about symptoms and exclusion periods.
  • Notify the Health Department in accordance with Staying Healthy in Childcare recommendations.

In all services, Educators will:

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for children with a high level of awareness and practice of good hygiene to reduce the spread of any infectious disease.
  • Notify the Management of any outbreak of an infectious disease.
  • Notify the parent/guardian of a child suspected of having an infectious disease to arrange for the child/ren to be collected.
  • Respond to the needs of the child/ren if they become ill while in care.

In all services, families will:

  • Notify the service if their child/ren has an infectious disease.
  • Promptly collect their child/ren from the service if they are ill and suspected of having an infectious disease.
  • Keep infectious or sick children away from the service for the period of exclusion as indicated on the Department of Health Infectious Diseases Exclusion Table and Staying Healthy in Childcare.
  • Provide a medical certificate, if requested, before returning to the service.
  • Ensure children’s immunisations are up to date and evidence is provided to the service.

5. Quality Records

See City of Greater Geelong ECEC services handbook

6. Attachments

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