Delivery and Collection of Children

Delivery and collection of children policy Document no: 72, 73, 99, 158, 168 2 (f)
Approval date: Feb 2018
Approved by: Family Services Manager
Review date:   Feb 2019
Responsible Officer: Early Childhood Coordinator Version no:   01
Authorising Officer: Family Services Manager

1. Purpose

The City of Greater Geelong Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of all children and provide for a safe delivery and collection of each child into their service.

2. Scope

All services:

It is the responsibility of staff, educators and families to ensure the safe arrival and departure of children at the children’s service and the completion of statutory documentation. 
To ensure this objective is met, parents and/or authorised nominees must sign in and sign out to confirm when a child is formally placed in, or removed from the care of the children’s service.

3. References

  • Education and Care National Regulations 2011
  • Amendments 2017
  • Education and Care National Law Act 2010
  • Amendments 2017
  • Education and Care National Quality Standard

4. ECEC Policy


  • Parent/guardian or authorised nominee must sign in via the service’s electronic kiosk located in the foyer, using their individual PIN
  • Upon arrival at the program each day, children must be placed in the care of an educator. During this time, information can be exchanged in relation to children’s care requirements while at the service.
  • Families are requested to notify the children’s service by 10:00am if their child/ren will not be in attendance on a day they would normally attend, by telephone or email.


  • Parent/guardian or authorised nominee are to sign their child out using the electronic kiosk located in the foyer of their service by entering their individual PIN
  • No child is to be released to persons other than those nominated by parents and recorded in the child enrolment record. Photo ID may be required to prove identity upon collection of children.
  • Any change to an authorised nominee/or additional authorised nominees put forward, including a Family Court document, requires the child enrolment record to be updated. Parents can detail the changes via an email that will be attached to the original enrolment form. These changes can be completed in person by the parent amending their enrolment form and initialling the changes. 
  •   Family Day Care (FDC) excluded.

  • If unforeseen circumstances occur and a person other than an authorised nominee is collecting the child, the parent/guardian must contact the service and provide verbal authorisation for the child to be collected.  The Responsible Person will need to be provided with this authorisation and the person collecting the child will be required to provide photo identification and evidence of their address. This information will be  copied and kept on the child’s file by the service, before the child will be released into their care.
  • FDC - one FDC contract educator will suffice for the above circumstances.

  • At end of program day, educators are required to check all children are signed out.
  • If any child is not signed out correctly, the family must be provided with a reminder about the Delivery and Collection policy when they next access the service.

  • For late collection of children (see handbook guidelines).

5. Quality Records

See City of Greater Geelong ECEC services handbook

6. Attachments

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