Geelong City Kids Challenge 2020

Got a creative kid who loves a challenge? Keep them busy while you're spending time safe at home with our 30-day #Geelong City Kids Challenge!

Use the ideas below and get creating with drawings, lego bricks, clay, story-telling and more! Share your creations with us by tagging #mygeelong on social media.

Day 1. Where's your favourite place to go to in Geelong or on the Bellarine?
Day 2. Imagine you're walking along the Waterfront. What do you see?
Day 3. Did you know the ute was invented in Geelong? Design your dream vehicle!
Day 4. Imagine how we might travel in 50 years. What could a futuristic car, bike or bus look like?
Day 5. The Mayor has asked you to design an awesome playground for your neighbourhood.
Day 6. Legends say there is a magical river dragon living deep in the Barwon River... what could it look like?
Day 7. Ever visited the waterslide at Leisurelink? What would your own super slide look like?
Day 8. Build or draw Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree. How would you make it even better?
Day 9. Recreate your favourite Geelong wildlife, like the Hooded Plover or Mountain Dragon Lizard.
Day 10. It’s time to sail across Corio Bay! What would your ship look like?
Day 11. Oh no, you’re shipwrecked on a mysterious island! Design a treehouse to live in.
Day 12. You’re a Horticulturalist at the Botanic Gardens. Design a special new garden for them.
Day 13. The City needs your help to collect our recycling! Create a new recycling truck / plane / hovercraft for the job.
Day 14. The recycling truck / plane / hovercraft is ready to go! Make a sign so the driver knows what to pick up.
Day 15. Recreate your favourite Geelong library.
Day 16. The City’s engineers need a super digger for a stormwater drain! Can you build one?
Day 17. Today you visit GAWS to adopt a new pet. What does your dream pet look like?
Day 18. Oops, your dream pet is making a mess at home! Design a special pet house for it.
Day 19. The You Yangs’ name comes from Wadawurrung words meaning ‘big mountain in the middle of a plain’. Draw or recreate them today.
Day 20. One of the creators in Wadawurrung stories is Bunjil, a legendary wedge-tailed eagle. Can you draw him flying through the sky?
Day 21. The Geelong Gaol is more than 160 years old. Can you rebuild it from pictures you will find online?
Day 22. Your Principal wants you to design a new school. What would you put inside it?
Day 23. Seen Geelong’s famous painted Bollards? Design some featuring your favourite people or characters!
Day 24. You're a chef at one of Geelong's famous restaurants. What is on your menu?
Day 25. The City’s Animal Team needs your help to catch a lost dog. Make them a dog catching machine.
Day 26. Inside the National Wool Museum lives Geelong’s oldest computer – a giant 100 year old carpet loom! Create your own super computer today. What is its special job?
Day 27. Geelong’s Tree Team look after over 70,000 trees! Recreate your favourite tree.
Day 28. Geelong is home to many beautiful farms. What would your own farm look like?
Day 29. Ever taken a ride on the Geelong Carousel? Recreate it today with different animals!
Day 30. You’re Mayor of the Geelong Youth Council! What would your perfect City look like?


Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 April 2020