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Community information guides, places of last resort and fire refuges; the City and BOQ MFMPC stakeholder and engagement matrix.

Attachment 5

Community information guides

The following community information guides have been certified by CFA & Council

  • Breamlea
  • Anakie
  • Lara
  • Little River
  • Ocean Grove
  • St Leonards/Indented Head
  • Point Lonsdale
  • Ceres

These can be found on the community information guides page of the CFA website.

Places of Last Resort (PLR) - Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) - Fire Refuges

During 2010, Council adopted its ‘Municipal Council Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan’. This plan outlines the assessment process that council’s Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee would follow should a site be identified by Council and certified by CFA as being a NSP.

As part of its legislative requirement to continue to look for potential NSPs, two new locations were identified during 2012 as potential NSPs.

  • a natural depression off Mount Road Anakie (east side),
  • the Barwon Heads Airport located in Connewarre.

These two locations were forwarded to the CFA for assessment and both places failed the CFA assessment.

All sites referred to CFA for assessment to date have failed to pass the assessment and a report on same was tabled at the 22 May 2012 Council meeting. In 2019 an internal review was conducted with no new PLRs identified.

The City of Greater Geelong has at this point of time no PLRs. The townships of Anakie, Breamlea and Little River were identified for assessment but have since been deemed unsuitable.

Having now looked for potential PLRs across the municipality it is unlikely that any future sites will be located within the City of Greater Geelong. It may well be safer to encourage all persons seeking to relocate in a fire event to once on the road to continue on to the next large township.
It is only 10 minutes by car from any place of high Bushfire risk in the City of Greater Geelong to another larger settlement where shelter, food and drink can be found. Encouraging people to remain in a fire zone, places people in unnecessary danger.

Evidence from the reports into bushfires where fatalities have occurred indicate that many people still have either no fire plan, they wait until their fire plan of stay and defend fails, or they just wait till the last minute when the fire front has arrived to make a decision on leaving.

The message for people in high bushfire risk environments must be to Leave Early.

The City of Greater Geelong does not have any declared Fire Refuges.

Attachment 6

The City and Borough of Queenscliffe MFMPC stakeholder and engagement matrix

Level of Engagement
Primary Stakeholder Attend  all  MFMPC Meetings Participation in all  MFMPC projects Receive Minutes Receive Regional Communiqué
Parks Victoria
Victoria Police
Barwon Water
Regional Roads Victoria
Secondary Stakeholders Attend  MFMPC Meetings as required Participation in  MFMPC Projects as required Receive Minutes Receive Regional Communiqué
Ambulance Vic  
Catchment Management
Aboriginal Affairs Victoria  
Telecommunication Providers  
V Line  
Vic Track  
Bellarine Peninsula Railways  
Tertiary Stakeholders Chair/Delegate & Executive Officer Meet as required Involved/informed regarding MFMPC Projects as required Receive Minutes Receive Regional Communiqué
Geelong Otway Tourism    
Committees of Management    
Indigenous Groups/ Traditional Owners    
Industry Groups    
Public Interest Groups    
Chamber of Commerce    

Attachment 6.1 - The City and Borough of Queenscliffe MFMP committee membership

Position Agency
Commanders CFA
Group Delegates CFA
Fire Management Officer DELWP
Ranger in Charge Fire & Emergency Parks Victoria
Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator
X 2
Victoria Police
Regional Emergency Management Officer Regional Roads Victoria
Municipal Fire Prevention Officer  x 2 Borough of Queenscliffe
City of Greater Geelong
Municipal Emergency Resource Officer City of Greater Geelong
Municipal Recovery Manager City of Greater Geelong
Statutory Planner City of Greater Geelong
Municipal Building Surveyor City of Greater Geelong
Emergency Management Officer Barwon Water
Manager Environment or delegate City of Greater Geelong

Need to know more...

Or you may wish to download and view the Municipal Fire Management Plan below.

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