Mobile Food Registration

A mobile food registration is required under the Food Act for any van, cart or movable vehicle where food is prepared or sold. This includes coffee and other drink vans or carts.

The level of food handling activities which are undertaken in the van will determine the food classification.  


  • you operate a food van, food vehicle, food cart or a drinking water cart you will only need to register with, or notify, one council
  • your van, vehicle or cart is generally garaged within the boundaries of the City of Greater Geelong then we will be deemed your principal council.

It is recommended that you fully research where you will trade or operate your vehicle.


  • you want to register a new food van you should research all aspects of the registration process by looking at our start a new food business information
  • you are considering purchasing an existing vehicle, van or cart the information regarding Transfer of Business will be helpful
  • the vehicle you are looking at purchasing is registered outside our Council you will need to submit a Proposal to Register form to begin the registration process
  • we are your Principal Council and you don't intend to operate outside the boundaries of Geelong Council, please contact us to advise where you will be trading.

However, if you intend to trade in councils other than Geelong you may wish to register on the State wide data base - Streatrader.

If your food operation is not a vehicle but rather a temporary food stall or marquee you will have to register with Council as a Temporary Food Premises.

Page last updated: Friday, 21 August 2020