Class 3 Food - Minimum Records

All Class 3 food premises need to maintain minimum records as a condition of their food registration.

The Department of Health has released a Food Safety Guide for Food Businesses - Class 3.

It includes advice on the types of food handling activities your Class 3 food business may run, and the records you are required by law to keep.

It contains the following minimum records required for Class 3 food premises:

These records need to be kept onsite at your food premise and you must be able to show the previous 12 months worth of records on request or at the time of inspection by your Health Officer.

You can download the Food safety guide for food businesses - Class 3 from the Food Safety Website.

If you are not sure of the class of your food business you can refer to the Department of Health classification information or contact us.

Page last updated: Monday, 15 June 2020