Food policy discussion paper

Food affects all of us in the Greater Geelong in many different ways. It influences our health and wellbeing, it shapes our environment, it is central to our interactions in families and communities and it is a vital part of our local economy.

Geelong’s food system faces some challenges. The way many of us eat is undermining our health, some people in the region don’t have enough nutritious food and food production in the region faces increasing pressures from climate change and the loss of fertile agricultural land.

Geelong has some unique assets that we can draw on to address these challenges. The region has a diverse range of local farms and food producers, a vibrant seafood industry and an emerging food tourism sector. Geelong also has a strong base of grassroots and community groups that have worked for many years to improve access to healthy food in the region and to establish a network of community gardens.

The attached document discusses six key themes related to food in Geelong:

1. food and health
2. food safety
3. food security
4. food and the environment
5. food and the local economy
6. food and culture.

We have an opportunity to build on the region’s strengths and develop a vision for a stronger food system – a food system that supports local food producers and increases the availability and accessibility of healthy, sustainably produced food.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 6 June 2018