Future proofing commercial buildings

Improving resource efficiency can provide significant savings to businesses. 

We have an important role in enabling, engaging and encouraging commercial building owners and tenants to move to a low carbon future.

Become a sustainable business

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The benefits of improving operational efficiency are:

  • significant money savings for building owners and tenants - an average of $12.50 per square metre for building occupants, or a total savings of $25 million across the Geelong economy each year
  • increased long-term value of the building by increasing attractiveness to tenants and increasing value as an asset
  • reduced carbon emissions of the City.

Did you know?

Commercial buildings account for around 10 per cent of the nation's overall energy consumption, whilst commercial office buildings make up approximately 25 per cent of this total.

~ Baseline Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Commercial Buildings in Australia, 2012 (Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency).

Case studies

We have assisted businesses to improve their overall energy performance by offering grants and information about implementation support available to businesses. Check out some of the case studies below:

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