The People's Solar

The People’s Solar has been instrumental in the installation of solar panels on South Geelong Primary School.

The People’s Solar is currently a scalable, replicable model for crowd-funding small-scale community solar power, which:

  1. supports community development at the local level
  2. bridges the gap between those who support renewable energy, and those dedicated to financial and/or social objectives, who have historically been at odds with renewable energy and
  3. leverages corporate and philanthropic funding to deliver secure financial support, via clean energy, for community benefits.

What makes the People's Solar special?

The People’s Solar is the only crowd-funding platform if it’s kind, and so is relatively unique in the marketplace.

The true commercial value of The People’s Solar brand, and model, is the trusted relationships and connections it creates across communities – this is now beginning to be leveraged to service the clean energy ecosystem of green energy retailers and solar companies, as well as corporations seeking to enhance their brand within local communities, and offset their emissions with local, tangible projects.

In this way, The People’s Solar will evolve, and become commercially viable, by building an integrated social engagement and e-Commerce platform, with a focus on:

  • enabling third-parties to upload and manage their own People’ Solar projects via the web platform
  • generating referral fees from our existing solar supplier partners, via online enquiries for residential and commercial-scale solar systems.


Outcomes of the Project

The project output and outcomes at the end of the project include:

  • the People’s Solar sought funding to design and build the next iteration of its crowd-funding platform, with enhanced functions and features including integrated project facilitation, e-commerce and social engagement platforms, to help scale the business model, throughout Geelong, and beyond
  • The People’s Solar was supported by Cleantech Innovations Geelong to maintain and create jobs and expand business turnover. Cleantech Innovations Geelong is a partnership between the City of Greater Geelong, the Geelong Manufacturing Council and state government to develop markets for cleantech goods and services.

Need to know more...

Visit the People's Solar website.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 3 December 2019