Growth Area Planning Process

There are four stages in the Growth Area Planning Process.
  1. G21 Regional Growth Plan

    • Guides high level land use and development
    • Identifies regional infrastructure, project priorities and analyses the region's provision for growth in terms of employment, housing and land supply.
  2. Growth Area Framework Plans

    • High-level and broad strategy that sets out the future vision for the area
    • Guides sustainable future growth and development
    • Defines key projects and infrastructure required to support growth and provides an improved and more certain environment for making both public and private investment decisions
    • A framework plan will inform the preparation of precinct structure plans.
  3. Precinct Structure Plans (PSP)

    • Housing yields
    • Employment land provision and location
    • Transport networks
    • Open space & natural systems
    • Activity centres
    • Community facilities
  4. Planning Permits (subdivisions)

    • Precise road layouts including connector & local roads
    • Lot mix
    • Open space including local parks
    • Non-residential land uses
    • Pedestrian and cycling paths

Diagram showing outline of tool 3
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