G21 Regional Growth Plan

The growth areas were identified in 2013 in partnership with the Victorian Government.

The G21 Regional Growth Plan (G21 RGP) identified two 'Further Investigation Areas' to accommodate the medium-to-longer term growth of Geelong.

Learn more about the G21 Regional Growth Plan and the G21 Regional Growth Plan Implementation Plan.

Growth Area Planning Process

There are four stages in the Growth Area Planning Process.

  1. G21 Regional Growth Plan
    • Guides high level land use and development
    • Identifies regional infrastructure, project priorities and analyses the region's provision for growth in terms of employment, housing and land supply.
  1. Growth Area Framework Plans

    • High-level and broad strategy that sets out the future vision for the area
    • Guides sustainable future growth and development
    • Defines key projects and infrastructure required to support growth and provides an improved and more certain environment for making both public and private investment decisions
    • A framework plan will inform the preparation of precinct structure plans.
  1. Precinct Structure Plans (PSP)
    • Housing yields
    • Employment land provision and location
    • Transport networks
    • Open space & natural systems
    • Activity centres
    • Community facilities
  1. Planning Permits (subdivisions)
    • Precise road layouts including connector & local roads
    • Lot mix
    • Open space including local parks
    • Non-residential land uses
    • Pedestrian and cycling paths

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