Northern Geelong Growth Area - Buffers

Posters displayed at Open House #2 outlining potential buffers to be considered as part of the framework planning process:

T92 Lara to Iona gas transmission pipeline

  • Pipeline bisects the Northern Geelong Growth Area.
  • The measurement length (buffer around the gas pipeline easement) is 570 metres.
  • The measurement length seeks to ensure that no sensitive land uses are located within this area to minimise risk.

Electricity Transmission power lines

  • Two electricity transmission power lines and their associated easements (buffers) transect the study area.
  • To the eastern extent of the study area, a 70 metre transmission line easement applies to the overhead electricity power line.
  • To the north-western extent of the study area, a 140 metre buffer applies to the electricity power line.

Lara Energetic Material Manufacturing Plant (Chemring), Staceys Road, Lara

  • The industry buffer around the LEMMP is 1km and extends into the Northern Geelong Growth Area study boundary affecting land south of Staceys Road.

Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct (GREP)

  • The industry buffer around the GREP is 1km and extends into the Northern Geelong Growth Area largely affecting the Rural Living Zone land adjoining Bacchus Marsh Road.
  • The purpose of the buffer is to protect the strategic employment nature of the GREP and ensure that no additional sensitive land uses (e.g. Residential) are permitted within the 1km buffer.

Herds Abattoir, Bacchus Marsh Road, Corio

  • The industry buffer around the abattoir is 500 metres and affects a small area of Rural Living Zoned land to the south-eastern extent of the study area. It largely overlaps with the GREP industry buffer.

Northern Geelong Growth Area buffers map
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Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020