Northern Geelong Growth Area - Heritage

Posters displayed at Open House #2 outlining potential heritage to be considered as part of the framework planning process:

  • The identification and protection of heritage places within the growth areas will allow for local character to be incorporated into the future urban landscape and within the open space network.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

  • Two places listed on the Aboriginal Heritage Register both of which comprise a single stone artifact.
  • High archaeological potential areas located on the elevated plain, to the east of the study area.
  • Extensive low flat plains are not considered to be archaeologically sensitive.

Post-Contact Heritage

Six registered heritage places were identified:

  • Elcho Homestead is a place of State significance and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (HO283), local Heritage Overlay (HO16) and National Trust Register (B1277).
  • Lovely Banks Service Reservoir, 600 Anakie Road, Lovely Banks (HO1721)
  • Kia Ora, 75 Stacey’s Road, Lovely Banks (HO1988

Potential heritage places were identified, but not heritage listed:

  • dry stone walls, Elcho Road, Anakie Road, Evans Rd, Staceys Road
  • former House site, 350 Emersons Road, Lovely Banks
  • former House site, 75 Tower Hill Drive, Lovely Banks
  • unknown structure, 800 Anakie Road (pending further assessment)
  • concrete market post, 800 Anakie Road, Lovely Banks (pending further assessment).

Northern Geelong Growth Area heritage map
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Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020