Geelong Arena - Covid-19 Venue activities updates

We appreciate the changing state of restrictions and activities permitted. Please review current venue usage arrangements as we follow updated restriction guidelines from the State Government.

UPDATE: Monday 11 October 

The Geelong Arena has fully reopened to authorised users, following clearance from the Department of Health. 

The eastern (Victoria St) section of the facility is again able to operate, following a deep clean.

Any close contacts of exposure from 4th October 2021 who are self-isolating have been advised to continue to do so until their 14-day quarantine period ends.

For any queries on activities please email [email protected].

Venue activities under restriction update - 6 October 2021

Under the easing of restrictions limited approved activities have returned to site

  • Capacities of 10 people
  • ID checks
  • School students can return to classroom
  • Revised safe work plans

Learn more about Coronavirus support in the City

For queries in regards to activities run by Arena tenants, please contact them directly.

To ensure the continued health of our community, you can find general information about the impacts of COVID-19 on City facilities and services on our Coronavirus Support page or contact us. For health and Victorian updates please visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.

QR codes

In line with the State Government regulations we use the Victorian Government QR Service. This system will allow us to assist the Victorian Department of Health contract tracing team to best protect our community.

We do recommend downloading the app.

For schools please note teachers and/or supervisor must QR code check in on arrival. Students lists are to be provided to the venue prior to arrival if students do not intend having a phone with them to check-in.

Regional Victoria residence checking requirement  

A person who owns, controls or operates a facility must also confirm that a person is not a resident of metropolitan Melbourne. This is to keep regional Victorian’s safe from the current outbreak of COVID-19 in metropolitan Melbourne and to help keep regional Victorian businesses and facilities open.

The residence checking requirement must be satisfied for each member of the public:

  1. aged 18 years or older, by that person or someone responsible for their care and support or
  2. who is an unaccompanied person aged 15 years or older but under 18 years, by that person or
  3. who is an accompanied person aged under 18 years, by their carer, parent or guardian.

A person will have satisfied the residence checking requirement  where they have:

  1. asked the member of the public for the address of their ordinary place of residence and
  2. required the member of the public, and the group that person is travelling with, to:
    1. produce photo identification that evidences that their ordinary place of residence is not in Metropolitan Melbourne or
    2. make a declaration that their ordinary place of residence is not in Metropolitan Melbourne or
    3. make a declaration that they are permitted to travel or stay in Regional Victoria for reasons set out in the Stay at Home Directions (Metropolitan Melbourne).

A template declaration as to a person’s ordinary place of residence is available on the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website.

Casual shooting

Casual shooting at the Geelong Arena is not currently active. When required this is coordinated through Geelong United Basketball. Bookings are required online for casual shooting noting firstly AWA stadium is being made available and should capacity be reached; Geelong Arena will then be used for casual pre-booked access.

Please visit Geelong United Basketball for information.

We do recommend also contacting Leisuretime Sport Precinct who are currently accepting casual shooting.

School groups court hire - call for future events

Any bookings during lockdowns will be contacted to consider reschedule or may cancel at no charge.

Schools enquiring must provide COVIDSafe Work plans.

There's no limit on group sizes, but excursions need to comply with any specific COVIDSafe measures and capacity limits on venues that are being used.

School staff (primary and secondary) and secondary school students aged 12 or older are required to wear face masks indoors when attending an excursion.

An electronic or hard copy list of student and staff names (full name required) and contact numbers must be provided to the venue to enable the check-in of students of staff on the day.
More information may be found on the DHHS school camps during coronavirus page.

A person who owns, controls or operates a physical recreational facility outside the Restricted Area may operate that facility if it is operated for the exclusive use of a single school at any one time for educational purposes.

Sporting associations court hire - call for future events

For organised community sport, both indoors and outdoors, the minimum number participants (players, coaches, referees, officials, and carers or parents) required to conduct the sport should participate in the activity (as per requirements from the Department of Health): Spectators are not permitted.

The rules of the sport governing body (for example: the State Sporting Association) assist guidance on the numbers that can participate (that is: the number who would normally be involved in a match or training, including players on the field/court and allowed substitutes). The sport governing body guidance is helpful, though the Chief Health Officer directions has overriding authority on the density quotient or group limit on the venue.

Enquire about court hire

Room hire - call for future events

We review each inquiry in line with restrictions and assess each room hire on a case by case basis. Each room has set capacities as per current directions and we ensure compliance to directions.  Please contact us to discuss your hire requirements. 

Event inquiries - call for future events

We are reviewing all events in line with restrictions. Please contact us to discuss.

A regional roadmap was published by the State Government on 19 September 2021. The team are working through the options for timing and conditions for future events.

The venue has COVIDSafe Plans under Public Events Framework for both Tier 2 and Tier 3 events.

Our first suggested model in readiness for future events is the Tier 3 capacity of 1,000 attendees per event. Tier 2 events with greater capacities can apply. All events are assessed on a case by case basis and density quotients or caps as per restrictions applied.

We are excited about opportunities and would love to hear from you. As the region’s largest sport and entertainment venue we assess each event on a case by case basis ensuring a COVID safe environment and all restrictions are adhered to. Currently capacities may be limited but we welcome working with you to ensure sustainable and safe events. Please contact us to discuss.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing great experiences return in full to Geelong Arena soon.

Page last updated: Monday, 11 October 2021