Graffiti as defined in the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007:

To write, draw, mark, scratch or otherwise deface property by any means so that the defacement is not readily removable by wiping with a dry cloth without property owners permission.

COVID-19 response times

Please note: the Department of Justice Graffiti Removal Program, who provide significant assistance to the City of Greater Geelong’s graffiti removal program, is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

This could result in a delayed response time to the removal of graffiti – in particular, along reserve fencing.

We thank you for your patience during these unusual times.

We are responsible for graffiti removal on all Council owned properties and assets. This includes:

  • buildings
  • public toilets
  • public rotundas
  • public barbeques
  • playgrounds and equipment
  • street furniture
  • footpaths
  • bike paths
  • council signage and
  • reserve fencing.

Removal timeframe

We will continue to remove graffiti from our property in a timely manner. We will maintain a target of rapid removal of offensive graffiti on our property within 24 hours and of non-offensive within five working days.

Need to know more...

Our Graffiti Hotline number - 03 5272 4319 is available during business hours or email [email protected].

Page last updated: Tuesday, 15 September 2020