Heritage Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Greater Geelong Heritage Advisory Committee Document No: CTR
Approval Date:  27 March 2018
Approved By: ELT
Review Date: March 2021
Responsible Officer: Director Planning & Development    
  Version No: 01

Authorising Officer:  

Chief Executive Officer

1. Summary

The Heritage Advisory Committee (the Committee) has been formed to assist and advise Council on cultural and natural heritage matters within the Municipality.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Committee include:

  • Celebrate and promote awareness of cultural heritage within the Municipality.
  • Provide advice on marketing and promotion opportunities for heritage within the Municipality.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to Council on the documentation, interpretation, management and conservation of history and heritage, including places, objects, collections, in the Municipality.
  • Make recommendations to Council about further work required to identify, document, protect, conserve and promote the heritage of the Municipality.
  • Provide recommendations for nominations of places to Local, State or National heritage registers.
  • Advocate in a professional manner on behalf of the community and celebrate the community’s history and heritage.
  • Assist Council in sourcing external funding or sponsorship opportunities to undertake heritage identification, conservation, promotion, management and education.

3. Definitions

Committee – Heritage Advisory Committee

Council – City of Greater Geelong

Municipality – City of Greater Geelong

4. Terms of Reference

4.1 Expected / Definite life of the Committee

  • The Committee is established by Council as an Advisory Committee and shall continue until revoked by Council.

4.2 Constituency of the Committee

  • The membership of the Committee shall consist of the following members:
    1. Up to three ex officio and non-voting Council officer members chosen from any of Council’s Strategic Planning, Planning Implementation, Statutory Planning, Community Development and Engagement or Arts and Culture teams;
    2. Council’s Heritage Advisor in an ex officio and non-voting capacity;
    3. One ex officio and voting member from the Geelong Library Corporation Heritage Centre (Manager)
    4. One voting Committee member from each of the following 11 member organisations. Each organisation will be invited to nominate its own representative. More than one member from each organisation is welcome to attend the Committee meetings but only one member from each organisation will have a vote:
      • The Geelong Historical Society
      • Bellarine Historical Society
      • Lara Heritage & Historical Inc.
      • Little River Historical Society Inc.
      • Mt Duneed History Group
      • National Trust Geelong
      • North Shore and Norlane Stories
      • Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation (Wadawurrung)
      • Geelong Environment Council 
      • Osborne Park Association
      • Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group
    5. Three members of the public not affiliated with any of the groups above.
  • Councillor members shall be appointed in accordance with the Committee Representation Council Policy
  • All voting members of the Committee shall have normal voting rights.
  • Should a community representative resign, Council will seek a replacement to serve the remainder of the term of appointment in accordance with the selection process.

4.3 Selection Process

  • Expressions of interest for appointment as individual members of the Committee shall be called for in local newspapers and on councils website.
  • Membership will be on the basis of:
    • Expertise or proven heritage interest
    • Whether they reside, are employed or are a member of an organisation in the City or a heritage-related organisation
    • Knowledge of conservation and historical issues affecting the Municipality, and
    • The ability to access historical or conservation networks and stakeholder groups.
  • A review panel comprising no less than 3 officers of Council will receive nominations and appoint members of the Committee.

4.4 Length of Appointment

  • Members shall be appointed for a period of two years and are eligible for re-nomination.

4.5 Expectations of Members

  • All Committee members are expected to:
    • Actively participate in Committee discussions and offer their opinions and views, treat all persons with respect and have due regard to the opinions, rights and responsibilities of others,
    • Act with integrity,
    • Attend each meeting where practical,
    • Declare any interest, pecuniary interest or conflict of interest  and the releasing of confidential information,
    • Be aware of the activities, interests and concerns of heritage and history groups in the municipality,
    • Have an understanding of and interest in Greater Geelong heritage and history.

4.6 Authority of the Committee

  • The Committee has no decision making authority.
  • The Committee does not act as an internal referral body to assess or comment on permit applications. This stipulation does not limit or prevent individual members of the Committee from making submissions, objections or appeals to applications or proposals being assessed by the Responsible Authority.
  • The Committee will make recommendations and provide advice to the Council which will be distributed to the appropriate departments of Council through the secretariat.

4.7 Meeting Procedure

  • The Committee will meet quarterly, but may meet more regularly when it deems necessary.
  • The frequency of any Sub-Committee meetings will be determined by the Chairperson of each Sub-Committee.
  • A Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson will be elected by the Committee for the duration of a one year term. The Chairperson of any Sub-Committee will also be appointed by the Committee for the duration of one year.
  • If the Chairperson is not present at a Committee meeting, the Deputy Chairperson must preside. Where the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are both absent the members must appoint a Chairperson for that meeting.
  • The secretary of the Committee shall be one of the Council Officers. The secretary will undertake administrative duties on behalf of the Committee, such as preparing the agenda, taking minutes, preparing correspondence and Council reports, liaising with other Council Officers and undertaking other tasks that may arise.
  • The Committee’s position on any issue under consideration will be made by a majority vote by members present or when determined by the Committee by proxy. In the event of an equal number of votes, the Chairperson shall have an additional casting vote.
  • The Committee shall have a quorum which is equal to one-half plus one of the total number of voting Committee members.
  • When the Committee's business involves matters in which one or more members have a conflict of interest, or when their presence may inhibit full discussion, those members should withdraw from the part of the meeting that relates to such matters.
  • Council must receive apologies for all meetings no later than 2 pm on the afternoon of the meeting. If a quorum cannot be met, committee members will be notified that the meeting is cancelled.

4.8 Reporting Requirements

  • The Committee will report to Council via the Planning Strategy Department.

4.9 Secretariat

  • A Council Officer will be responsible for recording of minutes and reporting recommendations of the Committee to Council.

4.10 Facilities & Resources

  • Adequate human and financial resources shall be provided to ensure the effective operation of the Advisory Committee.

Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Record Retention/Disposal Responsibility Retention Period Location
Agendas & Minutes Manager, Planning Strategy and Urban Development Permanent Records Explorer (ReX)
Correspondence Manager, Planning Strategy and Urban Development Permanent Records Explorer (ReX)

6. Attachments

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