ICTP - Review of documentation

Council and other organisations have produced a large number of transport and land use planning documents discussing the City of Greater Geelong.

This Plan does not supersede previous studies undertaken in the City of Greater Geelong. Instead it draws from their findings to create a set of short, medium and long term actions to address identified transport and land use issues and challenges.

The Plan references these earlier reports when providing clear strategic direction to Council on managing and developing infrastructure.

Reviewing these documents helped to:

  • Understand the relevant background for previous transport and land use planning directions within the City of Greater Geelong.
  • Consider the key challenges facing the City of Greater Geelong from a transport and land use perspective.
  • Inform the content of this Plan by incorporating relevant messages already endorsed by Council and other agencies.

Reviewing the 2003 Geelong Integrated TICTP - Transport Strategy offered insight into the actions implemented, currently underway, or not implemented.

Review of background documents

A summary of the background reports reviewed is provided in Figure 2-1. The studies highlighted in Figure 2-1 have been particularly helpful in the development of the Plan, as these are current and contain relevant recommendations that are applicable to the Plan’s strategic actions.

As the Plan is implemented, these background studies will remain important reference documents for Council, as they contain specific details, including analyses and recommendations, which align with the Plan’s actions.

Figure 2-1

Figure 2-1 Review of relevant background documents

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