Karreenga Aboriginal Action Plan 2014-2017


We have developed the Karreenga Aboriginal Action Plan to make sure our commitment to the City of Greater Geelong’s Aboriginal community is more than simply a statement – that it is put into action.

It will embed our commitment into our decisionmaking and into our future, and will strengthen our connections to the various Aboriginal communities in our region.

The plan focuses on our strategic goals and projects/ initiatives for recognising and respecting Aboriginal culture and history, and reducing disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our community.


We have developed the Karreenga Action Plan by listening to and consulting with a wide range of Aboriginal and key stakeholder groups.

Our first Aboriginal Action Plan

This is City of Greater Geelong’s first Aboriginal Action Plan. In many ways, the plan is about moving forward. The equivalent Aboriginal term is “Karreenga” meaning “to grow”.

The Karreenga Aboriginal Action Plan is outlined under key focus areas:

  1. Cultural Recognition and Respect;
  2. Employment and Economic Development;
  3. Family and Community Support (including health, housing and education);
  4. Cultural Heritage (managing Aboriginal cultural sites and legislation requirements under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006) and
  5. Arts and Social Enterprise.

These focus areas are linked to our Indigenous Statement of Recognition and Commitment.

Within these focus areas, actions are arranged under the following headings:

  • Action
  • Responsibility
  • Timeline/Current Status over a three-year period, identified as Short, Medium and Long term;
  • Priority identified as High (H), Medium (M) and Low (L)
  • Budget / Resources The actions are informed by the community consultation and priorities identified.

Links to Council’s Corporate Plans

The Karreenga Aboriginal Action Plan is underpinned by Council’s ‘Our Vision Statement’ in City Plan 2013–2017.

“Greater Geelong: building our community through enterprise, opportunity and innovation in a quality environment.” It aligns with the Community Wellbeing strategic direction including partnership with Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative.

Our Karreenga Action Plan demonstrates Council’s commitment to building positive relationships and respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people over the next three (3) years.

The Aboriginal Action Plan is also aligned in the local context to the Geelong Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013–2017, particularly in the priority area of ‘connected, creative and strong communities’. Also, it aligns in the local context to the G21 Region Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013 – particularly as it relates to Priority 3: Evidence based Planning and Practice involving partnerships.

About our Statement of Commitment The 1996 Australian Local Government National General Assembly resolved to encourage local governments to adopt a statement of commitment to Indigenous Australians. Local Government is recognised by the Council of Aboriginal Reconciliation as having a key role in advancing the cause of reconciliation in local communities. The City of Greater Geelong adopted its first Statement of Commitment in 1997.

In 2009, we adopted our fourth version of the Indigenous Statement of Recognition and Commitment. The Indigenous Statement of Recognition and Commitment 2009 will form the basis of our policy and contribute to positive partnerships with Aboriginal people and representative groups based on principles of mutual respect and acknowledgment of the past.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 16 April 2019