Leisuretime Sports Precinct - Annual Report Summary 2018-2019

The Leisuretime Sports Precinct is a large multi-purpose facility offering a range of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities as well as spaces for the community to come together and connect.

The precinct is predominantly a participation-focused facility for the local community with 2018-2019 seeing 109 clubs and community groups and organisations utlises facilities as well as 157,000 locals visit the precinct for their mental and physical health and wellbeing needs.

Key achievements for the precinct

157,909 visitations in 2018-2019
109 sporting clubs and community groups operated a competition, activity, program or training sessions - 22.7% increase from the previous year
21,012 hours of community sport and physical activity took place at the precinct
21 different sports were played
2000+ hours of School Sport were played
32 event days
629 hours of all abilities programs and/or wheelchair sport took place (261 sessions)

Key usage others may not know

1,278 hours of meetings, training, education & professional development sessions held (264 sessions / bookings)
25 refugee youth (aged 14 - 18 years) were involved in a project developed to use sport to address and promote equal opportunity and access
94 new soccer referees completed an official Football Victoria training courses at the Precinct - helping to grow the game locally
57 First Aid Training courses and CPR Updates were held
51% of junior sport players live within 5 kilometres of the precinct, the next 33% within 10 kilometres
8 local service providers we worked with to help those disadvantaged or less fornitute in our community
55 females aged 13 - 25 years participated in our 'Rotary of Corio Bay' Futsal project. Only 3 players having played soccer before

Other highlights

13 Football Victoria outdoor club competition games were played and 1,052 hours of club usage also took place on the pitch
671 games delivered - 380 Futsal Geelong games and 291 Soccer Sevens games
229 martial arts and self defence sessions
Australian ParaBadminton Championships International event successfully held (November 2018)
103 kids aged between four and nine years played for the first time in our Miniroos Kick-Off program
2,378 casual basketballers accessed the courts to shoot hoops - 31% increase on the previous year
5 different sports were played on the outdoor synthetic pitch including soccer, AFL, cricket, ultimate frisbee and lacrosse
2,582 bottled water the most in demand product in Cafe
2,435 hours of squash and racquetball played
111 sport activities conducted for children aged 1-4 years
674 hours of basketball courts hired for games or training
836 hours of futsal courts were used for internal competition club hire or training
181 games of volleyball played


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