Apply for a land information certificate

Anyone can apply for a land information certificate, although usually it is your solicitor or conveyancer who does this for you.

Privacy Act requirements may apply.

Information required

When you apply for a Land Information Certificate we need to know the details of the property you are purchasing such as:

  • the lot and subdivision numbers
  • the street number and street name
  • Volume and Folio numbers from the title
  • the current owner's name and address
  • your name and address.

All of these details will help us to give you the correct information on the property you are buying.

Online applications

Please be aware that we are experiencing some issue with these online transactions and the Google Chrome web browser. We recommend that you use a different browser until these issues have been resolved.

There are two options for online applicants:

  1. credit card payment (this option is for individuals who don't regularly apply)
  2. registered users (this option is for solicitors and conveyancers).

Please note: Online certificate applications may take up to two working days to process.

We will issue a Land Information Certificate to the applicant via email in PDF format within 2 working days from receiving the online application.

Registered users

To use this service you would normally be spending a minimum of $1,000.00 per month.

Solicitors and conveyancers who wish to receive a monthly account must become a registered user first before applying for any LICs. This will ensure that you receive a monthly account to pay for the certificate/s you have been sent.

  • To be eligible to register, you must regularly apply for 40+ land information certificates per month.
  • User registration takes approximately one to two working days to be approved

After registering online, we will send you a Credit Application Form to complete. Upon approval of the credit application, you will be supplied with a user identification.

Hard copy applications

If you prefer to apply in writing, you will need to download the application form.

A payment fee of $27 is required. If you wish to post in your application, please also download and complete the attached credit card authorisation form.

Once completed you can apply with your payment:

We will post a Land Information Certificate to you once completed.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 1 September 2020