The cost of illegally dumped rubbish

Illegal dumping not only costs the community money, it damages the environment and causes other hazards.

Dumping costs you money

Every year, thousand of dollars of ratepayers' money is spent cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish. More money is spent fixing infrastructure and natural areas impacted by dumping.

Dumping harms the environment

Illegal dumping causes chemical and physical pollution in our neighbourhoods and waterways.

It spreads pests and weeds, including fire ants and lantana.

Even dumping old furniture is a problem because it may encourage others to dump more dangerous waste.

Dumping causes health and safety risks

Risks include sharp objects, asbestos, toxic substances, nappies and medical waste.

There is the serious threat of children suffocating in refrigerators that still have doors attached.

Illegal dumps are fire hazards

Dumping green waste, tyres, and chemicals in reserves can increase the risk of bush fires. The dumped items may be subject to spontaneous combustion or arson.

Dumping puts the community at risk

Tree stumps and tyres left on the road can cause accidents. Dump sites can block storm water drains and become breeding grounds for insects and diseases.

Dumped rubbish decreases property value

Dump sites serve as magnets for additional dumping and other criminal activities. The area then becomes unattractive to commercial and residential developers.

Most commonly dumped items in Geelong region

  • Tyres - 21 per cent Bagged rubbish - 18 per cent  
  • Rubble - 13 per cent
  • Furniture - 12 per cent
  • Mattresses - 11 per cent
  • Renovation waste - nine per cent

Illegal dumping ‘hot-spots’ often include roadways, bushlands, and multi-unit premises. Illegally dumped materials often attracts additional dumping.

Household waste dumping is often investigated by local council officers, VicRoads, rail authorities, Parks Victoria and other government agencies.

Report littering

Contact us to report dumped material or suspicious behaviour.

The EPA has a 24-hour pollution hotline: 1300 372 842 or you can report illegal dumping online.

Page last updated: Monday, 13 July 2020