Caring for our bays

Help protect our precious coast.

Our bays are facing a litter crisis.

Litter remains in the water and is not generally cleaned up due to the difficulty of collection. This is a generational issue; the litter will remain for years.

Rubbish dropped on the ground inevitably ends up in our bay so we need to stop the problem where it starts!

The Caring for our Bays program aims to lift the profile and appreciation of Corio Bay and the Bellarine shoreline of Port Phillip Bay and reduce the amount of litter, sediments and nutrients that enter the waterways.

Research and litter monitoring shows there is a significant litter problem in these areas. Soft plastics in particular have been found in high numbers both on the shoreline and in the water. These plastics are detrimental to marine life and unsightly.

As part of the program, Bellarine Catchment Network works with local management authorities in helping educate and encourage people to look after their local area and improve the health of both the bay and the foreshore.

Go to Caring for Our Bays to find out more or see how you can get involved.

Page last updated: Monday, 13 July 2020