Mosquitoes - breeding sites

Mosquitoes breed in standing or 'stagnant' water.  The many coastal salt marsh wetlands near Geelong are ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes.   

The following areas are monitored regularly for mosquito breeding:

  • The protected salt marsh wetlands on the Bellarine Peninsula, including Swan Bay, Lake Connewarre and Breamlea wetlands

  • Reedy Lake and Limeburners Lagoon 

  • Other known freshwater wetlands, constructed wetlands, drains and easements

Breeding sites can appear anywhere after heavy rain or large tides.  Our monitoring includes additional sites after these extreme weather events.

Breeding site map

This map shows where many mosquito breeding sites are in our community.

Map showing breed sites within the City of Greater Geelong
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Page last updated: Thursday, 17 June 2021