City endorses independent Community Action Plan

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The City’s Administrators have endorsed an independently-developed Community Action Plan, reinforcing their commitment to addressing the findings of Susan Halliday’s culture review and the Commission of Inquiry report.

The Community Action Plan prepared by Susan Halliday would guide the delivery of transparent and straightforward decision-making.

Work to improve the City’s culture, finances, governance, community engagement and planning processes was well underway.

A series of monthly community meetings , the reinstatement of Community Update and weekly roundtable meetings with businesses and not-for-profit organisations were highlighted as a few of the significant steps already undertaken to develop an ongoing two-way conversation with Geelong residents and businesses.

The Administrators are also supporting the City’s Chief Executive Officer in transforming the organisation’s culture with a set of newly-developed values for the organisation, focussing on respect, innovation, continuous improvement, health and safety, and ensuring the community is at the centre of its work.

Dr Kathy Alexander - Administrator Chair

"Everyone is entitled to a comprehensive and transparent understanding of how the City operates, and delivering the action plan will increase our capacity to communicate and engage with our community.

We’ll be establishing a strategy to ensure all our staff have the skill and desire to engage our community in the issues we face and in the solutions we decide on.

An example of the City’s new community engagement approach in action is the Our Future process, through which we’ll connect with at least 25,000 people in creating a 30-year vision and strategic direction for the municipality.

The set of future directions should serve to underpin annual budget decisions, ensuring that long-term projects get done.

The newly developed values are tools that will ensure we have a contemporary, motivating and encouraging culture that will assist staff to work together for a thriving community."