Special Building Overlay extended

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The City will amend its Greater Geelong Planning Scheme to extend the coverage of a Special Building Overlay (SBO), following the results of a recent Highton Drainage and Flood Study.

The study identified the nature and extent of potential flooding in areas of Highton, Wandana Heights and Belmont with 62 written submissions being received objecting or seeking changes to the amendment following its public exhibition.

A number of written submissions expressed concern that the application of the SBO would raise unnecessary apprehension of flooding on their property, potentially decreasing its value.

The exhibited amendment and submissions were referred for consideration to a State Government-appointed independent panel, which recommended that the amendment be adopted as exhibited, subject to changes identified in a submission from the City.

In our submission, we identified a number of sites that no longer required the protection of the SBO as a result of improvements to drainage infrastructure since the study was undertaken, additional survey work or more detailed modeling.

The independent panel’s report recommended that the sites identified should not be included in the adopted SBO.