Prepare for summer this fire season

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Victoria is facing an above average fire risk for the 2016/2017 Fire Danger Period.

Residents are reminded to prepare for bushfires appropriately through cutting grass and in particular maintaining grass on vacant allotments.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) provides daily updates including Fire Danger Ratings and warnings.

Visit the Your Guide To Survival area on the CFA website to download a guide.

Maintain an awareness of what’s happening by downloading the VicEmergency app and/or monitoring the Vic Emergency website.

We would also ask residents to take care of each other and pets over summer.

Vicki Shelton - Acting General Manager City Services

“Grass across the region must be maintained. If grass is long and has been cut the fallen grass is much higher than needs to be causing far greater flame heights.
Geelong has a number of townships surrounded by grassland and crops which can affect the speed that a fire runs.
The City distributed notices to residents in bushfire prone areas regarding grass cutting earlier in the year.
It’s important to be prepared during the fire season. Information on why you should leave early, what you can and can’t do on fire risk days and what to expect during a bushfire can all be found on the CFA website.
Summer can be a difficult time especially for our most vulnerable in the community including kids, senior citizens and pets.
Keep an eye out for each other and check in with loved ones, neighbours and friends in the community.”