City’s irrigation technology proves itself

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Scorching summer temperatures and below average rainfall has initiated the City’s irrigation program for our parks, gardens and reserves.

The City will use its industry-leading technology and captured stormwater to reduce the use of potable drinking water when maintaining our green spaces.

The City used data from a range of sources to develop site-specific plans for the watering of its green assets.

Vicki Shelton - Acting General Manager City Services

“We use long term weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology to determine the watering requirements for each park or garden across the Greater Geelong region.
Captured stormwater is used first at some sites including Geelong Botanic Gardens and Western Oval.
Each park or garden has a predetermined water budget developed from information specific to that space including seasonal growth patterns of plants, the type of use at the site and weather data.
A central computer system takes the site information, as well as a vast range of information gathered by different technologies and determines the daily irrigation needs of each park or garden."

Data is gathered from a range of sources including council operated weather stations, flow sensors, soil moisture sensors and electronic rain gauges which when combined with the site-specific information, provides a clear picture of the City’s predicted water usage.

Due to the unusually wet spring season, irrigation of our parks and gardens has commenced much later than in previous years.

The technology and water management practices employed by the City have reduced the use of potable drinking water for maintaining of green assets by almost fifty percent over the past decade.

The City presented a workshop on water management and effective irrigation practices at the 2016 Irrigation Australia international conference in Melbourne.

A recognised leader in Victoria, the City took part in developing the Best Practice Guidelines for irrigation practices in association with Clearwater.