CEO reports on City’s performance October to December 2016

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

City of Greater Geelong Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Spiller last night tabled a comprehensive quarterly report outlining key activities undertaken between October and December 2016 to progress the organisation’s priorities.

Mr Spiller explained the report’s intention was to update the community on recent engagement activities and the delivery status of key projects.

“The CEO Quarterly Headline Report has been developed to meet the City’s commitment to greater transparency in performance reporting,” Mr Spiller said.

“This includes reporting progress on 2016-17 City Plan actions for the quarter as well as key priorities, such as community engagement, and major initiatives like Our Future and our organisational Transformation Program.

“Of the 195 actions identified in this year’s City Plan, 24 have been completed, 146 are on schedule and 19 have encountered minor issues, none of which are having any significant impact on overall delivery.”

Actions completed or underway include:

  • stage one earthworks at Drysdale Sports Precinct
  • installation of an electronic scoreboard at St Albans Reserve and sports lighting at Portarlington Tennis Club
  • open space improvements at Corio Community Reserve
  • several projects at Eastern Beach, including replacing its heritage fences, repairing the fountain steps and removing seabed hazards, and
  • introducing a range of improvements to our staff training program to address key Committee of Inquiry recommendations. 

“In terms of community engagement, since July 2016 we have undertaken at least 87 engagements involving some 12,300 participants,” Mr Spiller said. 

“The Our Future community visioning project has actively engaged close to 10,000 in its first three months, with this figure expected to rise as it moves into the next phase.”

Mr Spiller said the organisation was continuing to develop and roll-out its Transformation Program, which focuses on promoting a healthy workplace culture, strengthening leadership and management capabilities, and improving systems, policies, processes and practices in line with contemporary governance standards.

“We are committed to fostering the right environment for the successful return of an elected council, with the Transformation Program providing a clear framework to achieve this,” he said.

“Key achievements this quarter include adopting new values and purpose statements based on employee input, establishing a new centralised Legal Services and Government department, developing a transition plan for the return to an elected council, and reintroducing the Community Update newsletter, with the first two editions well received by the community.”