Last-minute flood of submissions on draft Domestic Animal Management Plan

Friday, 2 June 2017

There has been a flood of on-line submissions from the public on their ideas for the future of animal management in Geelong.

The City’s Discussion Paper on the draft Domestic Animal Management Plan is closing in a week’s time – on Friday 9 June – and it is important that residents made their feelings known on this very important community issue, before the opportunity passes.

Peter Bettess - City of Greater Geelong Director Planning and Development

Mr Bettess stressed that the City’s Domestic Animal Management Plan was only in the draft stage at present, but said this was the stage at which the general public could exert an enormous influence on the eventual outcome. 

This is a tremendously important opportunity for the people of Geelong to shape the way we regulate our domestic animals in the future. 

Geelong has one of the largest animal populations of any Victorian municipality – including more than 46,000 registered cats and dogs - and these figures are on the increase.

Domestic animals, companion animals, and all our many and varied pets, make a huge contribution to our community.

But it is imperative that good management practices for all these animals are in place.

The City wants as many residents as possible to have their say – right now - on how we go forward into the future with regard to this important area of community life. 

It was vital to balance the needs of those who own pets and those who do not.

At the same time we must ensure that the environment is protected from the potential negative impacts of pet dogs and cats.

We want to hear from those who own pets, and all those who have strong feelings on the subject, to jump online – jump onto the City’s website and give us their ideas. 

We are listening – we are taking notice.