Geelong Saleyards update - 21 July 2017

Monday, 17 July 2017

The following statement was issued to media to provide an update on the Geelong Saleyards.


City of Greater Geelong Acting Director City Services Peter Godfrey


In December the City’s Administrators resolved to defer a decision on cattle yard repair works, and future operations of the Geelong Saleyards, until the completion of:
an independent local stock market analysis;
a full costing of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) works on the cattle yards; and
a regional agribusiness strategy.

The independent local stock market analysis and full costing of OH&S works are now complete.

The City recently finalised a draft Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region, which is available for public feedback at

This comprehensive strategy will guide future decision-making on the strategic use of resources to support and promote the G21 region’s agribusiness industry.

It’s therefore important to ensure the public, and our farming community in particular, have an opportunity to provide input into the draft strategy, which will also inform a final decision on the future of the Geelong Saleyards.

On August 2 the City will present the Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region for adoption at a special meeting of council.  

A decision on the future of the Geelong Saleyards is also expected to be made at this meeting, a week later than originally planned to allow for the finalisation of community engagement on the draft strategy.

The City will continue to provide interim support for cattle producers in the meantime. 

A transport hub, made up of temporary holding pens at the Geelong Saleyards, has been available for all producers since March to ensure small-lot farmers can get their stock to market while the cattle yards is closed.