Paywave payment for City carparking

Thursday, 20 July 2017

This response was issued to media following a query from the paper over the operation of parking machines at the Haymarket Car Park in Central Geelong.


City of Greater Geelong Director Planning and Development Peter Bettess:


The City has identified some problems with the paywave arrangements in relation to on-street parking machines, and has been working with the Westpac Bank to correct these.

The problems have now been rectified.

Any motorists who have been overcharged in relation to payments via the paywave system will be reimbursed.

The City is currently contacting those motorists affected.

No complaints have been received with regard to the paywave aspect of parking machines in the Haymarket Car Park, but if any complaints are received they will be investigated.

The Haymarket parking machines have been checked today and are working correctly.

Over the past two weeks the City’s maintenance officers have attended to seven minor systems faults in parking machines at the Haymarket Car Park.