Osborne House update

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

We issued this response to media regarding an update on Osborne House. 


City of Greater Geelong Director Finance and Strategy Joanne Moloney:

Osborne House in North Geelong currently remains closed and in lockdown following an independent industrial hygienist’s report on 13 April showing readings of potentially toxic mould that posed significant health risks to the occupants of the precinct.

The City has worked with the Osborne House tenants to source alternative accommodation where possible and has ensured that the tenants have been kept informed on the situation through two engagement meetings and email correspondence.

The City is currently focusing its attention on the safe removal, cleaning and storage of the 20-thousand-plus artefacts stored and/or displayed at Osborne House.  This will be a laborious task required to be undertaken by specialist cleaners.

Estimates received to date are in the range of $2.5-$3 million for the cleaning of the artefacts and to return the building to a state that will allow for safe entry.

The full cost of cleaning and repairing the building and the removal and storage of the artefacts is not known at this stage and will depend on further evaluations being made once the clean-up gets underway.

The indefinite closure of this important community facility is regrettable, but maintaining public safety is the City’s absolute priority.

Osborne House will remain closed until public safety can be guaranteed.