Dead possum in central Geelong

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

We issued this response to media regarding a dead possum in the CBD. 

City of Greater Geelong acting Director City Services Peter Godfrey:

Given the location of this particular request in the CBD we did respond immediately but unfortunately we did not have enough detail to pinpoint its location and it was missed.  We unfortunately didn’t have a contact number of the community member and we were unable to obtain more specific information.

After we received a subsequent report today we were able to locate it and it has now been removed.

We encourage the community to notify the City if they come across a dead animal and not to handle the animal themselves. Our staff and contractors are trained in the safe removal of dead animals and have the appropriate safety equipment required.

If it is a cat or dog deceased we will scan the animal to determine if it is micro chipped and then track down the owner if possible.