Administrators to consider new local law and Public Question and Submission Time Policy

Monday, 31 July 2017

At a Special Meeting of Council on Wednesday night the City’s Administrators will consider a recommendation to invite public submissions on a proposed new Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2017.

A Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2017 report to Council states the new local law includes a change to the City’s current question time arrangement to improve community engagement on key Council decisions.

A proposed Public Question and Submission Time Policy, which supports and is supported by the new local law, will also be presented to the Administrators on Wednesday night.

A Public Question and Submission Time Policy report to Council proposes to replace the current public question time, held 30 minutes before Council meetings, with a public Special Committee Meeting.

Public question time is currently the only formal opportunity for the community to provide feedback on Council meeting agenda items.

The report states the public would instead have an opportunity to attend a monthly Special Committee Meeting, held two weeks before each Council meeting, to ask questions relating to upcoming agenda items, make submissions and raise general issues.

The report states that currently information provided by the public during question time is raised immediately prior to the start of Council meetings, when decisions are expected to be made.

The report notes the introduction of a Special Committee Meeting would enable the Council two weeks before Council meetings to fully consider, and deliberate on, information raised by the public.

This would enhance effective community engagement by providing the community with a formal opportunity and appropriate timeframe to have input into key council decisions, the report notes.

The report states the Special Committee Meeting would replace the current question time arrangement, and Council meetings would therefore become a “decision-making forum only”.

If the Administrators endorse the Public Question and Submission Time Policy, and resolve to invite submissions on the proposed new Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2017, the community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed local law from Thursday 10 August to 5:00pm on Thursday 7 September August 2017.

The Special Meeting of Council will be held at City Hall from 6:30pm on Wednesday 2 August 2017.

View the Special Meeting Agenda where you will be able to read the proposed:

  • Council Meeting Procedures Local Law 2017

  • Public Question Time and Submission Time Policy.