Geelong Saleyards Poultry Sales

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

We issued this response to media regarding poultry sales at the Geelong Saleyards.


Acting Director City Services Peter Godfrey:

The City engaged with the licensees of the Geelong Poultry Auctions, who currently hold a licence to operate poultry sales at the Geelong Saleyards, prior to last week’s final decision on the permanent closure of the facility to sheep and cattle sales.

Council officers attended a weekly poultry sale on Monday 31 July and advised that a possible decision would be made on the future of cattle and sheep sales at the facility on Wednesday 2 August.

Poultry sales have continued to operate despite the temporary closure of the facility to cattle sales in August 2016, and throughout a temporary closure to sheep sales from August 2016 to January 2017.

The Geelong Poultry Auction licence agreement to operate sales at the Geelong Saleyards does not expire until February 2018.

In line with the resolution from Wednesday night’s Special Meeting of Council the City will continue to engage with the poultry sales operator to determine the future of sales at the site.

Poultry sales will continue to operate from 10am every Monday, excluding public holidays.