City Hall lions show off new coats in time for centenary celebrations

Friday, 18 August 2017

The lions guarding Geelong’s City Hall are showing off sleeker coats this week as part of a restoration of the statues and plaques adorning the historic building for its 100 year celebrations.  

Restorers Paul Hunt and Sally Groom finished off the work this week and returned the four commemorative plaques to their rightful place on the pillars of the building’s façade on Wednesday.

The restoration of the lions was completed in situ over the weekend.

The restoration work included removing old and damaged coatings before cleaning and waxing to create a consistent surface. A new chemical finish was then applied to preserve the look of the pieces and ensure their protection from the elements.

The work comes as City Hall celebrates its centenary this year. The building was completed in 1917 and is the oldest surviving municipal building in Geelong.

Roger Grant - Acting Director Investment and Attraction

“The iconic plaques and lions of City Hall are part of our heritage, and tell the story of Geelong’s beginnings.

We hope the great restoration work will see the lions confidently standing guard for the next 100 years.”