Colac to host fortnightly sheep sales from 18 September 2017

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Colac Otway Shire Council has worked with the City of Greater Geelong and Surf Coast Shire Council to introduce a new service for the region’s sheep farmers, including peri-urban farmers, following the permanent closure of the Geelong Saleyards at the end of August 2017.

The fortnightly sheep and lamb sale will start at 10:00am, with animal receipt taking place between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on the Sunday prior to the sale, or between 7:00am and 9:00am on sale day.

The Colac Regional Saleyards has 60 outdoor sheep selling pens and another 20 under cover pens. In addition, Colac has 138 under cover cattle selling pens.

For more information about the Colac Regional Saleyards, contact Superintendent Graeme Riches on 0407 092 195.

All sheep being dropped off at the Colac Regional Saleyards must be accompanied by a sheep vendor declaration.

The saleyards canteen will be open at 7:00am on Monday.

Peter Godfrey - Acting Director City Services

Colac Otway Shire Council is enhancing its sheep sales area to provide a modern and fully-equipped one-stop-shop for peri-urban farmers in the G21 region.

Colac Regional Saleyards was identified in the G21 Regional Growth Plan as the preferred option for a regional saleyards facility.

With significant growth in intensive animal industries concentrated in our region’s west, Colac offers a centrally-located facility that can cater for this growth and the diverse needs of the G21 region’s agribusiness industry.

I encourage Greater Geelong’s peri-urban farmers to take advantage of this new Monday sheep and lamb sale at Colac’s saleyards.

Chris Potter - Colac Otway Shire Mayor

I encourage south-west Victorian farmers to support fortnightly sheep and lamb sales at the Colac Regional Saleyards, starting on Monday 18 September 2017.

Council is pleased to be in a position to support regional sheep farmers and was excited to diversify the sale offering at Colac.

We have a great team at Colac that is committed to helping farmers make a transition from Geelong to Colac, as well as a premier selling facility that is ready to accommodate sheep sales.

We’re working closely with the City of Greater Geelong and Surf Coast Shire to make sure the transition is smooth and farmers are supported.

We’re starting off by trialling a fortnightly sale on Mondays, which can be ramped up to weekly or down to monthly according to demand, and we will continue to seek feedback from buyers, sellers, agents and industry representatives about how it’s working.

Cr Brian McKiterick - Surf Coast Shire Council Mayor

I welcome the commencement of sheep sales at Colac.

Surf Coast Shire has a large number of smaller scale livestock farmers who previously utilised the Geelong saleyards. Council is pleased to work with Colac Otway Shire to ensure these farmers can access a saleyard service for the upcoming season.

The introduction of sheep sales at Colac is welcome news and I encourage our farmers to participate in this this service during the trial period..

Matt Nelson - Colac Livestock Agents Association President

The sale will give people in Colac, Geelong and Surf Coast area an avenue to sell their sheep and lambs.

It’s encouraging to now that if we do have the numbers, we will have the support from several local buyers.

If farmers have questions they should contact their agents.