Future council meetings to web-stream live

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The City of Greater Geelong will web-stream its council meetings and other major chamber gatherings live to the world via the web and social media, following council’s adoption of a new Live Streaming Policy.

The move follows a recommendation from the 2017 Citizens’ Jury Report, and a recent decree from the (then) Local Government Minister Natalie Hutchins that ‘the public broadcast of council meetings’ will help give the people of Geelong ‘the representation they deserve’.

The new policy complements changes to the City’s meeting procedures local law that will allow the City’s CEO to authorise video and audio recording in the council chamber.

The policy requires the City to inform public gallery attendees that live web-streaming could be underway during council meetings and other public events, such as citizenship awards.

The City will soon install audio-visual technology into its council chamber to allow live web-streaming and archiving of all meetings commencing in the new year, leading a trend that is gaining momentum with other Australian councils.

Doctor Kathy Alexander - Administrator Chair

Council is keen to be as accessible as possible in its decision-making process, and this is yet another way to achieve this.
It will provide anyone who cares to watch with a live, unedited and unbiased view of key council debates and decisions being made in the chamber that directly affect their lives, and hold councillors accountable for their actions, behaviour and decisions.