Portarlington North East Group - Road construction update 5 October 2017

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Road works within the Portarlington North East Group of Roads are progressing towards completion and with Spring now in full swing the weather is starting to warm up which will allow sealing to recommence.

Drainage Works:
The contractor is continuing the construction of swale drains and culverts under driveways where required for drainage of the new road.  Drivable end walls for driveway pipe culverts are being manufactured for locations where additional work has been deemed necessary and these will be installed when ready.

Reconstruction of existing drainage pits, south of Newcombe Street, to meet the new design is now 90% complete.

Road Works:
Excavation and profiling works are now complete in all areas excluding the sections of Clarke Street and Gellibrand Street which are to be widened.  All Class 2 rock is in place on roads south of Newcombe Street and these should shortly be ready for the seal to be applied.

After removal of a number of soft spots in the road, most of the Class 3 rock has now been placed in the roads north of Newcombe Street.  As the Class 3 layer is completed on each road, the Class 2 rock will start to be brought in to bring the road up to its finished levels and ready it for sealing.

A very old and shallow water main has been found within the road in Clarke Street between Batman Street and Gellibrand Street and Gellibrand Street between Clarke Street and Newcombe Street which has required a stop on works.  The City is currently talking with Barwon Water about relocation or replacement of the water main so that it doesn’t affect the future road seal.

Looking Forward:
Class 2 rock will continue to be placed in the roads north of Newcombe Street and the Class 3 layer in Drysdale Street will be completed.

Roads south of Newcombe Street will be checked over the next few weeks to make sure they are ready for sealing and the Contractor is looking to start the sealing process from the 23rd of October.  This will start with a base seal and asphalt on all intersections and then the sealing of all the streets.

Invoicing and Paying for the Works:
Due to the delays encountered during the project, the City put on hold invoicing and payment requirements for the works until construction was further advanced.  With work now reaching the final stages, property owners in stages 1, 2 and 3 should have received correspondence in regards to how you would like to pay for the works (lump sum or installments) and invoicing has recommenced.

An initial letter has been received by most properties asking how you wish to pay for the works.  Properties in stage 4 will receive this letter shortly.  This is not an invoice, but is used to enable the City’s finance staff to tailor invoicing to individual preferences.  If you have received this letter please fill it in and return it to the City so that your payment requirements can be recorded.

Invoices received during October are due for payment by 31 October 2017.  If you have recorded a preference to pay within 6 months or by longer instalments the amount due will be the part payment amount.