Mercer Street silos artwork

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The following statements were issued to a query from the Geelong Advertiser about proposed artwork for the Mercer Street silos.

Brett Luxford - Director Investment and Attraction

The City has a strong and ongoing commitment to public art across our region, especially art that expresses local culture, history and fosters innovation.

Would the council be supportive of this project if undertaken by the silos owners?

The silos are privately owned structures, however the City is supportive of initiatives that portray Geelong in a positive light and in an appropriate way.

The Mercer Street silos have been described as an ‘eyesore’, even by the new owner, does the council believe something should be done to improve the silos?

The Mercer Street silos are part of our industrial heritage, a fascinating story in their own right, and could be used productively to support a range of opportunities.

If the project went forward, who would you like to see featured?

Many people have contributed to our region’s history and the City would be happy if the silos' owners thought it was appropriate to acknowledge local people in any artwork they may be considering for the silos.