Residents take advantage of recycling offer

Friday, 1 December 2017

During November we offered residents the opportunity to drop off their old mattresses at the resource recovery centres for just $10.

This meant they saved over 50% off regular drop off prices. There was also a convenient pick up service available as part of the offer.

In all 1,789 mattresses were dropped off for recycling during the promotion. The Geelong Resource Recovery Centre accounted for 47% of the total mattresses collected. The pick up initiative also proved popular accounting for 26% of the total number.

Surveys by staff at the resource recovery centres revealed that onsite signage, word of mouth and postcards were the most common ways in which residents found out about the promotion.

Did you know you can recycle all components of used mattresses?

  • The foam and wadding from inside the mattress is reused as carpet underlay.
  • Timber is processed into a reusable woodchip and used in the manufacture of particleboard, animal bedding and mulch.
  • Steel springs are sent to scrap metal merchants and melted down into new steel.

The mattress offer is part of our recycling program and is conducted in partnership with The Mattress Recycler.

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