New tactile bin symbols to help people with vision impairment

Thursday, 7 December 2017

We are offering to install plastic symbols on the bins of residents who have vision impairment, or have trouble discerning different colours.

The discreet clear plastic symbols are secured to the top of the bin allowing people to feel the tactile symbol and identify whether it is a yellow, green or red-lid bin.

A triangle represents a recycling bin, a circle means it’s a hard rubbish bin and a square tells the person that it is a green waste bin.

This free service is available now.  Residents can request the symbols online or by contacting Customer Service.

Once a request has been made, one of our officers will come and install the 6 millimetre shapes by securing them onto each of the resident's bins.

The idea was proposed in discussions between our waste team and our disability advisory group as a simple and effective way to help people with vision impairment to maintain their independence.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

This is a great initiative for people with vision impairment or people that have trouble discerning different colours, to make an everyday task like taking out the rubbish easier.
It’s important we do everything we can to empower people with disability.
I’d like to congratulate our waste team and the disability advisory group for coming up with this simple but significant initiative.