Community safety in Little Malop Street

Friday, 29 December 2017

The following statements are in response to a series of questions from the Geelong Advertiser about safety in the Little Malop Street Mall. 

Linda Quinn Acting CEO:

Safety is of high importance to the community of Greater Geelong, and one of the nine community aspirations of our community-led 30-year vision is that people feel safe wherever they are in our region.
Addressing anti-social behaviour is a community-wide challenge, requiring a collective response from many key influencers, such as parents, schools, our sporting clubs, law-makers, business operators and community groups.
In September 2017, the City partnered with Victoria Police to co-host the Safe City Summit, which involved community organisations, urban designers, local politicians, government agencies, business owners, local media and young people.

The aim of the summit was to identify actions for the Little Malop Street Mall and broader city.

A community survey prior to the summit identified that nearly two thirds of participants felt safe all of the time or more often than they feel unsafe in the city centre.

Improvements identified at the Safe City Summit included enhanced urban design, encouraging greater public use of Little Malop Street and strengthening multi-agency preventative outreach services. An action plan addressing these elements will guide the work conducted by the City during 2018.
The City will continue to work with Victoria Police, the Local Safety Committee and the G21 Regional Justice Reference Group to make the Little Malop St Mall a safe community space.

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