C&D Recycling, Broderick Road

Thursday, 11 January 2018

We issued this media statement to the Geelong Advertiser regarding a fire at C&D Recycling in Lara.

Guy Wilson-Browne - Director City Services:

C&D Recycling Pty Ltd (C&D) operates a materials recycling facility at 300-400 Broderick Road, Lara.

The City strongly opposed the development of the recycling site, however at the direction of VCAT a planning permit for the ongoing use and development of the site, subject to various conditions, was issued in August 2016.

The EPA and CFA have identified this facility as a risk to public safety.

The City of Greater Geelong is taking enforcement action against the operator for breaches to the planning permit.

C&D Recycling has lodged an application to VCAT to amend the planning permit, to significantly extend timeframes for compliance.

The City also lodged an interim enforcement order against C&D Recycling with VCAT, which included a request for operations to cease at the facility.

VCAT granted the interim enforcement order on Friday 22 December 2017.

It has taken 12 months since the City’s initial enforcement action for an order to be granted.

The interim enforcement order stated that no additional waste was to be bought onto the site, and that operational equipment should be on the site at all times, such as a water cart and dozers.

Due to the City’s actions, operations have temporarily ceased at the site.

A VCAT compulsory conference was held this week with the operator of C&D Recycling.

There was no resolution at this conference. A second conference is expected to be held in February.

VCAT hearings are scheduled for March and April 2018.

The City is doing everything within its power to mitigate risks, and is working with emergency services to ensure plans are in place to support the community in the event of a fire.

Last week, joint discussions were held between Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley, the EPA’s Acting CEO Chris Webb and the City’s CEO Kelvin Spiller about all parties’ concerns for the site.

The City has been meeting regularly with CFA, DHHS, SES, Ambulance Victoria, EPA and Victoria Police, with the most recent meeting held to review incident management plans prior to last Saturday’s extreme fire danger warning.

The City will continue to work closely with the CFA and EPA with respect to broader management and enforcement issues relating to the facility.

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