Free waste and energy workshops

Thursday, 1 November 2018 12:16 PM

Free workshops in Belmont this month will show residents how to improve recycling through their kerbside bins and reduce the amount of waste they’re sending to landfill.

Learning the secrets of a zero waste Christmas is one topic covered during a series of four ‘GO GREEN – one workshop at a time’ classes starting this month at the South Barwon Community Centre in Mount Pleasant Road.

The free workshops will demonstrate how simple changes to daily behaviours around the home can increase our recycling, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, plus save money on electricity and gas bills.

The workshops are part of a larger project underway at the centre to reduce energy consumption and improve recycling.

Alongside Community Centre Manager Jan Rockliff will be environmental science teacher, Alistair Smith who teaches sustainability and energy subjects at a Geelong secondary school.

The community centre received a $4,000 grant through the City’s 2017-2018 Environment and Sustainability Grants program to undertake the energy and waste audits and deliver the community workshops.

The grants program assists not-for-profit community groups to deliver innovative projects to support the Geelong community to live sustainably and meet principles from the One Planet Living initiative. To date, the environment and sustainability grants have supported 16 projects. Recipients of the 2018-2019 grants will be announced in November.

Jan Rockliff - South Barwon Community Centre Manager

We have the same problems as every household. Our electricity and gas bills are going through the roof and I wonder if our recycling is actually sent to landfill because of the contamination levels.

As part of the project, we’re completing energy and waste audits at the centre to help us discover what our fundamental problems are. Then, we’ll create an action plan to do better.

During the workshops, we’ll advise participants of what we found during our energy and waste audits at the centre and then show them how to complete their own energy and waste audits so they can make changes in their own homes.

We’re on a mission to not just be better, but to be good examples to our community.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 1 November 2018