City rolls up its sleeves to save 396 lives!

Monday, 7 January 2019

The City of Greater Geelong has won the state award for the most blood donations made as part of the annual Red25 Councils Blood Challenge 2018, with 132 donations that have helped save nearly 400 lives.

The Red Cross Red25 Challenge recognises organisations across the country for their life-saving donations of whole blood and plasma.

In 2017, the City of Greater Geelong won the Victorian Councils’ Blood Challenge with 127 donations – saving 385 lives – and came second nationally to Tamworth Regional Council.

This year’s Challenge ran from 1 July until 30 September, with the City coming fourth nationally to Blacktown City Council (268 donations), Tamworth (265 donations), and the City of Gold Coast (181 donations).

This year’s achievement by City staff came despite the Geelong blood bank being closed for six weeks due to renovations.

CEO Martin Cutter:

“Just three in every 100 adult Australians are regular blood donors, yet if we get sick and need blood then we all expect to receive this life-saving gift.

I’m very proud of the many wonderful people from across our organisation who have selflessly and freely donated blood this past year to help save hundreds of lives across our community.

There’s no finer way to demonstrate the City’s vision of ‘Working together for a thriving community.”

Blood Service spokesperson Erin Lagoudakis:

“More blood donors are required every single week to help us meet the needs of Australian patients.

The Geelong Donor Centre has around 1,200 blood and plasma donation appointments that need to be filled between now and the end of January.

Giving blood is one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make, it takes less than an hour and can quite literally save lives.”

Page last updated: Monday, 7 January 2019