Lara Pool opening hours

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Acting Director Community Life Robyn Stevens:

Would the council support an increase in the pool's opening hours of 7pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends?

We are unable to extend standard opening hours at Lara Pool this season.
During extreme heat (over 36 degrees), we may extend the closing time to 7pm if it is safe to do so and there is sufficient demand.

Why have the pool opening hours been set at 6pm for weekdays and 7pm for weekends?

The opening hours are set giving consideration to visitor numbers, community accessibility and operational costs.
Lara Pool standard opening hours are 6am to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 5pm weekends.

Does the council believe the pool would have greater patronage if it was open later, thus allowing people to swim at the pool after work?

Attendance at the Lara Pool in past years has not demonstrated strong enough demand to extend the opening hours.
Waterworld, located less than 10km away, is open until 9pm Monday to Thursday, 8pm on Fridays and 6pm on weekends.

The Kardinia Aquatic centre is open 13.5 hours more than the Lara Pool per week leaving Lara residents feeling they have been forgotten about. Has the council forgotten about Lara residents?

The Lara pool has recently had significant investment to improve the facilities and customer experience.
The City is committed to providing residents across the Geelong region equal access to quality aquatic facilities and programs.

Page last updated: Friday, 11 January 2019