City updates key actions for 2019-20

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The City is proposing to update the four-year Council Plan with actions for the coming financial year.

The Council Plan update 2019-20 has been released for a public submission period following a Council meeting on Tuesday night.

It confirms 11 key strategic areas of focus, which will guide our efforts towards delivering the community's long-term clever and creative vision.

The update will ensure the City’s resources are directed to areas of need, backed by a strategic and community-led approach to prioritising and developing infrastructure.

It contains a list of actions in 2019-20 to address our key priorities and deliver improvements to our services and programs.

These actions include commitments to:

  • Improve safety in the CBD, including the Little Malop Street Mall and Moorabool Street;
  • Trial a flexible parking solution for the CBD;
  • Lead the advocacy efforts for regional Fast Rail;
  • Work with the State Government to protect the Bellarine Peninsula as a distinctive landscape area;
  • Upgrade and deliver new footpaths, cycling and trail paths;
  • Implement short and long-term strategies to respond to changes in recycling markets;
  • Invest in programs and facilities to support access to sport;
  • Install smart technology solutions to assist with parking and waste management;
  • Design and construct two fenced dog parks; and
  • Design a new inclusive play space in Rippleside

The overall Council Plan 2018-22 has been shaped by a range of sources, including by our 11 councillors and our community-led 30-year vision Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future.

It will be achieved through a combination of direct City funding and advocacy, with key priorities addressed through the Proposed Budget 2019-20.

The Council voted to release the Council Plan update alongside the Proposed Budget 2019-20.

Both documents can be viewed online or at any of the City’s Customer Service Centres.

Submissions are invited and will be received during a consultation period that runs until Tuesday 28 May.

Mayor Bruce Harwood:

As a council we worked hard to deliver on our key strategic priorities during the first year of the 2018-22 Council Plan.
Entering the second year of the plan, we remain committed to working with the community to achieve our shared goals of a clever and creative future for the region.
This update shows a clear way forward by outlining the actions we will take over the next year and how we will measure our success.

Cr Stephanie Asher, Chair, Strategy and Communications portfolio:

This plan outlines the council team’s broader goals over a four-year period, based on what the community told us was needed. The specific milestones detail what we aim to achieve along the way.
The second year of the plan sets out some exciting projects and initiatives right across the region, to be delivered through a combination of direct funding in our 2019-20 budget and advocacy to other tiers of government.
Working with the team to deliver this plan, we will continue to work hard to represent our local communities and provide for the long-term future of the Greater Geelong region.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 May 2019